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Heather Miller

Head of Glenforest School

Mrs. Heather Miller is entering her seventh year as Head of School at Glenforest. She has previously been a special education teacher in Lexington School District One in both a resource and self-contained setting. Over the past thirteen years, Miller has served numerous roles at Glenforest School: an elementary teacher, a secondary support teacher, Director of Instruction, and her current position as Head of School.

Miller earned her undergraduate degree in generic special education at Winthrop University and obtained her master’s degree in learning disabilities from the University of South Carolina. It is her belief that every child is able to learn and that educators should strive to meet the academic needs of students on their respective instructional levels within a safe and supportive learning environment. This fosters student success.

When Heather is not at school, she is a very busy mother and wife. Miller has four children: Ashton and Peyton (22-year old twins and graduates of the University of South Carolina), her daughter Mary Reagan (19 years old and attending the University of South Carolina’s Honors College), and Bryton her youngest (17 years old and a senior at River Bluff High School). Miller also loves cooking, getting away on planned girls’ weekend trips, and reading. Her husband, Bart, is a math teacher and football coach at River Bluff High School.

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