Erin Hancock
Elementary School Teacher
Ms. Erin Hancock inspires and challenges the bright leaders of tomorrow every day in the Elementary Department.
Doreen Bair
Administrative Assistant
Mrs. Bair works in the front office, assisting the staff, students, and families of Glenforest.
Ken Brickler
Building Supervisor
Mr. Brickler is a retired police officer from Cincinnati. He joined the Glenforest team in March of 2017.
Robin Frierson
Head of the Lower School
Ms. Frierson is the Head of the Lower School at Glenforest. She has her national board certification in exceptional needs.
Tammy Holland
Mrs. Holland has been at Glenforest for 21 years and she loves working with the amazing students at the school!
Brittni Jones
Ms. Jones is a science teacher at Glenforest. She loves spending time with her family and dogs, including Zero, who joins her each day at school.
Penny McCants
School Nurse
Mrs. McCants has over 31 years of experience as a school nurse! She loves the caring environment at Glenforest.
Heather Miller
Head of Glenforest School
Mrs. Miller has been at Glenforest for eight years and is entering her second year as Head of School.
Tanya Nuvallie
Mrs. Nuvallie has been teaching for 15 years and she is excited to teach the amazing students at Glenforest!
Sharon Roy
Business Manager
Mrs. Roy is the Business Manager at Glenforest and she is responsible for handling the business finances for the school.
Sharon Shackelford
Ms. Shackelford is Highly Qualified and certified to teach mathematics. She taught secondary math for over 35 years!
Jennie Stockwell
Music, Drama
Mrs. Stockwell teaches Music, Drama, and more at Glenforest! She is a graduate of the University of South Carolina with a degree in Theater.
Therapy Dog
Zero is Glenforest's resident therapy dog. His human, Brittni Jones, is Glenforest's science teacher and she enjoys bringing him to school each day to interact with students.