About Glenforest

About Glenforest School

Glenforest School is a K-12 independent non-profit day school.  We provide high quality instruction to increase the academic skills and social competence of students with learning differences. Highly trained educators build meaningful relationships with students and provide relevant and rigorous content to ensure that students are prepared to accomplish their post-secondary goals. Student learning is enhanced through the provision of specially designed instruction with needs being met through the delivery of individualized accommodations and modifications. Students increase their social competence through social skills instruction, co-curricular activities and service learning. Partnerships with families are an essential component in creating a healthy and safe learning environment for all students at Glenforest.

School Mission

Glenforest School strives to meet the academic and social needs of students who require a positive, supportive learning environment to achieve their individual post-secondary goals.

School Vision

To empower and equip our students to be successful in a highly competitive world.

School Purpose

  • Ensure student learning through assessment, instruction, and progress monitoring
  • Nurture a culture of self advocacy and the confidence to learn
  • Cultivate the skills for students to develop and maintain meaningful relationships
  • Prepare our students to succeed as responsible citizens through their contributions towards the betterment of society

School Values

  • Working until the job gets done
  • Seeking research to guide our planning and instruction
  • Building relationships with students, families, and communities
  • Planning and implementing instruction to achieve the mission and vision of Glenforest School
  • Holding students accountable for learning while providing them the support to learn
  • Building a partnership with families to support the purpose of Glenforest School

School Beliefs

  • We believe in the inherent worth of each student
  • We believe that all students can learn
  • We believe that each student is entitled to receive instruction in a manner which enables him or her to learn and progress academically
  • We believe that students, in addition to academic instruction, must be taught understanding and tolerance for each other
  • We believe that all students are entitled to a non-disruptive environment in which to learn
  • We believe that parental involvement and commitment are essential for each student to be successful