Glenforest Parent Organization (GPO)

Glenforest Parent Organization (GPO)

Support Glenforest student activities with the GPO!

About the Glenforest Parent Organization (GPO)

The purpose of the GPO is to promote relationships between the students, faculty, staff, and parents of Glenforest School; to enhance the educational, social, and recreational experiences of the students; and to foster pride in the school throughout the community.

The GPO hosts several events throughout the school year, including a silent auction, meet and greet breakfasts, and student arts programs. Other activities include fund raising, organizing special events and treats for the teachers, and welcoming new families.

We encourage parents to get involved with the GPO! We need volunteers to chair committees and help with various projects and activities throughout the school year. We need your unique talents, whether it is a few hours a month or a few hours a year. Come join us!